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The Global Summit 2018

The annual WTTC Global Summit was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 18 - 19 April 2018. Watch the session recordings here.

Illegal Wildlife Trade

The Buenos Aires Declaration

At the Global Summit 2018, WTTC launched the Travel & Tourism Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade.

Winners Annoucement

2018 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

The winners for the 2018 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards were announced at the Global Summit 2018 in Buenos Aires - find out who they are here.


The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the body which represents the Travel & Tourism private sector globally. Our Members consist of the CEOs of the world's Travel & Tourism companies and industry organisations engaging with the sector. Our priorities are: Security & Travel Facilitation, Crisis Preparedness & Management, and Sustainable Growth. WTTC works to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world's largest economic sectors, supporting 313 million jobs and generating 10.4% of world GDP.

Our Members

WTTC is the only global body representing the Travel & Tourism sector with over 150 companies now being represented on the Council.

Our Partners

We have a growing suite of Industry, Knowledge and Media Partners who provide support and assistance with delivering our initiatives, and actively participate at events alongside our Members.

Our Initiatives

WTTC focuses on three key areas: security and travel facilitation; crisis preparedness and response; and sustainable growth.

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